We recently went through a rough several weeks of dealing with the dreaded "C" word along with my hubby's asthma. Due to popular request from friends, clients and family, I've put together a document of everything we did prior and during to keep us home and out of the hospital. I've included clickable links to view each thing recommended to  have on hand PRIOR to getting sick.
Snag this treatment list for "C"
I will email you a pdf of everything we did treatment wise. This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. This is simply what we did at home.

Here for You

Hi, I am Chantal! As a Catholic Oil Mom with 10 years in natural wellness and coaching I know first hand the role that our thoughts and our choices around natural solutions play into our health journey. Here's the deal, we have to marry these realities with our faith and stop living as if God does not want us whole. It's time to stop giving control of your health to the government and start giving it over to the Lord and leaning into the tools of his creation.  I want to help you start investing in reclaiming your wholeness.