Faithful oil mom

Come get to know me

I invite you to strap your little ones on your back and come join me for a brisk walk through the wilderness. We’re bound to go deep. Life is too short to stay on the surface for long! Don’t worry, we’ll laugh hard as we identify with each other’s challenges. We’ll dive into the practical, the natural and the mystical. I’m certain to bring up my love for the Lord, icons, the mountains, essential oils, dancing in the kitchen, homeschooling Charlotte Mason style, and full-time RV-ing. We’ll talk about all things true, good and beautiful! The search for simplicity and our favorite bible heroes and spiritual mentors will weave their way into our conversation to be sure. Before long, we’ll probably be praying for each other, our spouses and our kids. Maybe we’ll share birth stories or courtship beginnings. I bet we will compare our latest thrift store styles and amazing finds. We’ll top it off by just a touch of crazy fun as we do lunges with tots on our shoulders or race our big kids up and over picnic tables to work up a sweat. I see us harmonizing to sacred songs we both love or brainstorming new ways to evangelize family-to-family with whole foods, DIY projects, network marketing, life coaching and grand adventures. For you ladies out there that might think this is a bit much don’t worry... I have a very sharp business mind and can keep pace with the best of you. We don’t have to walk in the woods or compare second hand fashion, but let’s cut to the chase and start navigating the boulders that are in front of you and let’s get you climbing to the next level of success in your life.


I am a Byzantine Catholic by birth, giving me a great love for icons, chant and the Divine Liturgy. I seek to love Jesus daily and cherish my faith. I consider myself a Eucharistic, Marian, Seeker of Truth and devotee of all things Catholic. I have a charismatic side, a traditional latin-loving and a veil-wearing side. Above all, I want to live a life of prayer, holiness and heroic virtue. The New Evangelization is knit into who I am. That being said, I am all about making lofty and holy pipe dreams more accessible and real. As I like to say, “We have to take it from ideal to real.” This means I try to love everyone where they are and opening my heart to walk with others through their pain.


I have been married for nearly 15 years to the man of my Jane-Austin-like dreams. I can truthfully say Peter and I are a work in progress. But I rejoice in the Mercy of God that is helping us to put lofty ideas of love into practice with greater gratitude and tenderness. I love that I get to share life with a man of such conviction, passion and fidelity – to me and Our Lord.


My 6 children are the pure light of my life. I find myself growing in my desire to nurture them in health, in mind, in spirit and in creativity and joy. I want my children to know the gift of having their mother close to them, as their teacher, friend and companion along life’s journey. I seek to prioritize their needs and formation as paramount to my own desires and hope that they grow to surpass me in all things. Life is precious!


My Grandaddy began the entrepreneurial streak in our family as an inventor. My mom and dad firmed it up by building a family business. I grew up helping to answer phone calls, strategize marketing plans and work in the field. Since then, I have not ceased drumming up new ventures. Ministry, dōTERRA and my family have offered platforms to launch entrepreneurial dreams in more directions than I ever imagined – Catholicpreneur style.

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