Be the Healer in Your Home with Confidence
Grab this cheat sheet to launch your use of essential oils with your family in a totally wholesome and faithful way. The Faithful Oil Mom embraces & welcomes all faiths. I happen to be a devout Catholic and find joy in finding connections with oils & biblical tradition. I suspect even if you aren’t Catholic, you too will find elements of this resource to connect to your own faith!  Discover:

  • Faithful essential oil highlights
  • a dilution chart and safety tips
  • oils for prayer and devotion
  • a special aromaRosary© discount code
  • a check list for "must have oils"  (special list for kids, too!)
  • "The Oil of the Good Samaritan" proposed by visionary Luz de Marie
  • practical recipes for immunity, digestion, mood, skincare and pain relief

Faithful Oil Mom
Cheat Sheet
Unpack faithful natural solutions and inspiration to help you thrive.